Organized by PT. HUTAN GAYA INDONESIA (Member of International Network Group)
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INPALME (International Palm Oil Exhibition) Indonesia is International Palm Oil Exhibition organized by PT Hutan Gaya Indonesia (member of International Network Group which is The Most Integrated Palm Oil Media Company) form Largest Palm Oil Producer Country in the World. INPALME 2017 will be held in conjunction with INPOC (International Palm Oil Conference) and Manufacturing / General Industry Exhibition INTRACONNEX (Industrial Trade Conference & Exhibition) on 22 - 24 March 2017 at Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention, Medan, North Sumatra - Indonesia.

As we know, Indonesia is the largest Palm Oil Producer in the world. Indonesia has around 10 million hectares of Palm Oil Plantation, more than 600 Palm Oil Mills, approximately 120 Refineries, and some Palm Kernel Oil Mills, Oleo Chemical Companies, Biodiesel Factories, etc. North Sumatra province stretches across the island of Sumatra between the Indian Ocean and the Strait Malacca. It borders Aceh province in the northwest and Riau and West Sumatra provinces in the southeast. North Sumatra province is the second largest palm oil plantation in Indonesia with around 1 million hectares of palm oil plantation while Riau province is the largest with around 2 million hectares. Medan as the third largest city in Indonesia (after Jakarta and Surabaya) is the capital city of North Sumatra province and this province plays a big role in palm oil industry in Indonesia. That's why INPALME takes place in Medan.

INPALME is international event of palm oil since INPALME will be attended by palm oil society around the world, such as : producers, consumers / users, supporting industries, traders, security companies, bank / finance companies, academicians, scientists, analysts, researchers, etc from government, private sector, and smallholders mainly by decision-makers, This exhibition will help you in increasing sales, expand your network, upgrade brand internationally, bring awareness about your company and product and of course to show your business not only in Indonesia but also internationally.

INPALME 2017 covers a series of programs / activities and special features in order to attract many visitors and create potential leads to increase sales, expand network, upgrade brand, bring awareness about company and products of Exhibitor as following.

A. Exhibition INPALME (International Palm Oil Exhibition)
You can join / participate as Sponsor, Exhibitor, and / or Visitor

B. Conference INPOC (International Palm Oil Conference)
You can join / participate as Participant, and / or Speaker

C. BPP Seminar (Business & Product Presentation)
You can join as Participant and / or Presenter

D. Networking Night
You can join / participate as Participant

E. Business Matching
You can join / participate as Participant

F. Catalog Advertisement
You can join / participate as Advertiser

G. Online Advertisement
You can join / participate as Advertiser

Profiles : Owner, CEO, Director, Mill Manager, Estate Manager, Project Manager, Purchasing Division, Engineering Division, Agronomist, Contractors, Traders, Importers & Exporters, Scientists, Engineers & Technologists, Manufacturer, Supplier, etc.

Parties that are invited as Exhibitors and Visitors.

1. Palm Oil Companies from upstream to downstream (more than 150 groups or 1500 companies : Plantations, Crude Palm Oil Mills, Palm Kernel Oil Mills, Refineries, Oleo Chemical Companies, Biodiesel Factory, etc)

1 ABC 53 Southern 105 Panasia
2 Acme 54 DSN Group 106 Para Sawita / Agra
3 Adi Mulia 55 Duta Dharma Bhakti 107 Paya Pinang
4 ADR Agro 56 Duta Marga 108 Perdana Sawit Mas
5 Agrina 57 Dwi Guna Laksana 109 Permata Hijau
6 Agrindo Group 58 Fazar Baizury 110 IOI
7 Agro Indomas 59 Fajar Kita Kusuma 111 Primarindo
8 Aldiron 60 Fega 112 Yudha
9 Amal 61 First Borneo 113 Proteks
10 Anglo Eastern Plantation 62 Gajah Tunggal 114 Provident Agro
11 ANJ Agri / Austindo 63 Ganda 115 Pulau Sambu
12 Antam 64 Global Natural Resources 116 Rajawali
13 Anugerah 65 Gozco Plantations 117 Risjadson
14 Arrtu 66 Gramer 118 RNI
15 Artha Graha 67 Harita 119 Sadin
16 Asam Jawa 68 Hasfarm 120 Sahabat
17 Asian Agri / RGM 69 Hasil Karsa 121 Salim
18 Asiatic Persada 70 Hasnur 122 Sampoerna Agro
19 Astra Agro Lestari 71 Hayel Saeed Anam (HSA) 123 Saraswanti
20 Bahruny 72 Hokindo 124 Sari Persada Raya (SPR)
21 Bakrie Sumatera 73 Hutahean 125 Sawit Mas
22 Balimuda 74 Hutanindo 126 Sewangi Sejati Luhur
23 Barco 75 Incasi Raya 127 Sipef
24 Barito Pacific 76 Indo Karya 128 Sinar Mas Agri
25 Benua Indah 77 Inma Jaya 129 Sonvaldy
26 Berca / CCM 78 Inti Indosawit 130 Sumber Mas
27 Best Plantation 79 Jabelmalux 131 Sumber Tani Agung (STA)
28 Bima Palma 80 Jawa (J.A Wattie) 132 Sumber Tani
29 Bintang Harapan Desa 81 JMS 133 Sungai Budi
30 Bisma 82 Kaestindo 134 Surya Dumai
31 Bosowa 83 Kalla 135 Surya Satrya
32 Bumi Raya Utama 84 Kalpataru 136 Sutomo
33 Bumitama Gunajaya Agro 85 Kayu Lapis Indonesia 137 Swakarsa / Swa
34 BUMN Plantations (PTPN) 86 Kencana Agri 138 Tabung Haji
35 Bunga Setangkai 87 KLK / Adei 139 Tabung RHU Plantation
36 BW Plantation 88 Korindo 140 Tanjung Raya
37 Cahaya Kalbar 89 Lonsum 141 Teladan Prima
38 Cahaya Tiara Plantation 90 Lyman 142 THS
39 Cakra 91 Makin 143 TImur Djaja
40 Capella 92 Medco Agro 144 Tirta Mas Majutama
41 Cargill Indonesia 93 Merbaujaya Indahraya 145 TPS Food
42 Charoen Pokphand 94 Mertju Buana 146 Tradisi
43 Cisadane Raya 95 Metro 147 Transpacific
44 Citra Borneo Indah 96 Minamas / Sime Darby 148 Triputra Agro Persada
45 Comexindo International 97 Minanga Ogan 149 Tsani Hutani Abadi (THA)
46 CT Corp / PARA 98 Monrad 150 Ubertraco
47 Danitama 99 Mopoli Raya 151 Umada
48 Daria Dharma 100 Wings 152 Uni Seraya
49 Darmex Agro / Duta 101 Mukti 153 Widya
50 Des Agro 102 Musim Mas 154 Wilmar
51 Djajanti 103 Musirawas 155 Priosoetanto International
52 Djarum 104 Nugra Santana 156 and many more companies

2. Palm Oil User / Consumer that uses palm oil and its derivatives to produce cooking oil, food (margarine, shortening, snack, ice cream, chocolate confectionary, etc), cosmetic and bodycare (soap, shampoo, perfume, toothpaste, etc), pharmaceutical, detergent, toothpaste, lubricant, grease, ink, wax / candle, animal feed supplement, and many products used in daily life.

No Company Name Country No Company Name Country
1 Danone France 11 General De Servicios (AlEn) Mexico
2 Gebr. Müller Kerzenfabrik AG Germany 12 Nestle Swiss
3 Dinant Corporation Honduras 13 Patum Vegetable Oil Company Ltd Thailand
4 Vimal Oil & Foods India 14 Evyap Turkey
5 Mensa Group Indonesia 15 Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company (Coroli) UAE
6 Tanimas Group of Industries Indonesia 16 Unilever UK
7 Oci Corporation Korea 17 Procter & Gamble USA
8 Mac World Industries Malaysia 18 Yum Brands USA
9 Lam Soon Group Malaysia 19 and many more companies
10 Lion Eco Chemicals Sdn Bhd Malaysia

3. Palm Oil Supporting Industry (Agent / Distributor / Trading)
Agriculture, Bearing, Belting, Biotechnology, Blower, Boiler, Chain, Chemical, Coating, Contract Manufacturing & Turnkey, Contractor, Environmental Engineering, Electric Motor, Fertilizer, Filter, Fire Bricks, Flow Meter, Fogging, Foundry, Freight Forwarding, Gear Box, General Financing, Generator, Geosynthetics, Hardware, Heating Element & Sensor, Heavy Equipment, Hoist & Crane, Hose, Hydraulic, Instrument & Electrical, IT & Telecommunications, Laboratory Equipment, Lathe Repairshop, Lightning Protection, Machinery, Mapping, Paint, Palm Oil Processing Equipment, Pesticide, Pipe, Pneumatic, Poly bag, Pump, Refining, Research Laboratories, Rubber, Safety, Scale, Spare Parts, Steel, Subcontract Manufacturing, Tank, Tracking, Transportation, Storage, and Handling, Valve, Waste Water Treatment, Welding, etc

4. Trader

No Company Name Country No Company Name Country
1 Marex Commodities SAS France 11 Apeiron Agro Commodities Singapore
2 Palm Mas Asri Indonesia 12 Indogreen Group Singapore
3 Agro Trading Srl Italy 13 AAA Oils & Fats Singapore
4 Frank Fontannaz Malaysia 14 Agritrade International Singapore
5 Sinaran Palm Services Malaysia 15 Josovina Commodities Sdn Bhd Singapore
6 Agri-Palm Far East Sdn Bhd Malaysia 16 Innomarket Pte Ltd Singapore
7 Malindo Palm Brokerage Sdn Bhd Malaysia 17 Sprint Exim Pte Ltd Singapore
8 Timuran Enterprise Sdn Bhd Malaysia 18 Matrix International DMCC UAE
9 Raco Commodities Phils Philippines 19 and many more companies
10 Virgoz Oils & Fats Singapore

5. Associations

6. Institutions / Organizations

7. Academicians, Scientists, Researchers

8. Trade Association

9. etc